Minister to Students

The Minister to Students will report directly to the Senior Pastor and is considered to be an overseer/elder. The Minister is responsible for the development and promotion of their ministry from infants through high school along with their parents. The primary responsibilities will be focused on shepherding students in grades seventh through twelfth, but will supervise the Children’s Director and provide assistance to the children’s ministry. Experience in student ministry and/or a degree will be beneficial in this role, but not required. You will be a vital part of the ministry of Sandia Baptist Church.

Responsibilities and Duties

      Responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating all student/children ministry activities.

●      Coordinate Bible study, discipleship training, and other ongoing programs related to students.

●      Plan regular activities in addition to the church program schedule and work with other ministerial staff.

●      Assist youth leadership in providing opportunities for students and families to be directly involved in missions and ministry.

●      Assist in developing a ministry that seeks to reach lost students in Albuquerque and current members of Sandia.

●      Assist in planning, coordinating, and evaluating special events such as camps, retreats, fellowships, Disciple Now Weekends, Friday Fun Days, etc., including all fundraising events.

●      Provide leadership and mentoring for students and parents.

●      Share the gospel with lost youth/students and parents on an ongoing basis.

●      Recruits. Train, and encourages volunteers.

●      Supervise the work of the Children’s Director, have regular meetings and provide assistance where needed.

●      Coordinate and implement an annual student ministry budget proposal, and administer that budget as approved by the Finance Committee

●      Open communication with the Senior Pastor to implement the vision and goals of the student ministry.

●      Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


●      A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be an active witness

●      Passionate about helping students and children become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ

●      Committed to the vision/mission/and values of Sandia Baptist Church

●      Comfortable as a member of a team

●      Character that is above reproach

●      Integrity and Honesty

●      Committed lifestyle aligned with I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9


●      Career with purpose

●      Staff devotions and prayer time

●      Flexible Schedule

●      Sought out work environment

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