The crowd is where most people begin their journey at Sandia Baptist Church. This is where we connect to God and the Body of Christ. The aim is to be sure you have become a fully-devoted follower of Christ (which includes steps like: accepting Christ as your Savior, baptism, church membership, Biblical tithing, and corporate worship).


  • Grow - COMMUNITY

    Believers need to have fellowship together in the smaller setting of a weekly Bible study. Our primary means for this is our Connection Classes. In the Connection Class, you will have the opportunity to be taught the Bible in an interactive setting and get to know other believers to form life-long friendships.


    Every believer needs to be discipled so we can become disciple makers. Discipleship begins with a season where you learn about the essentials of the Christian life from other believers in a small setting. After that, there are numerous ways you can connect with other believers in casual settings and do things like: study the Bible, pray for each other, and encourage each other in your walk with God.


    The couch represents every believer’s essential daily time reading God’s Word and praying. is also a powerful for the family to spend a little time most days reading the Bible and praying together. These two practices bring depth and strength to your daily walk with Christ.


    We want to be used by God to bring others to faith in Christ. For this to be true, all believers have the opportunity to learn to tell others about Jesus in our neighborhood and beyond.