Proposed Sandia Worship

Center Upgrades

Overall Vision

To create a flexible space that is conducive to today’s culture of Worship Choirs, Praise Bands, and Praise Teams. To upgrade and enhance our worship center in such a way that would give visual support to our online audience and appeal to future generations while respecting the past. With the increasing attendance and post-COVID phenomenon of online church people are still reluctant to come in person until they have checked us out online. This is how people shop for a church home today. In an ongoing effort to stay relevant in our culture, we would like to suggest the following upgrades to our worship center.

Our current space was designed for traditional choirs and orchestras of the 1970 & the 80s. That was relevant to that day and time in our church's history. What we are proposing is to “flatten out” or “open up” our space on stage to create more visual room for our online audience and “in the room” congregation.

We are currently confined to the space on stage. The space is not conducive to playing together as a rhythm section. Opening up the space will create less hassle and visual distraction when groups leave the stage allowing the focus to stay on the Word or worship moment we are creating each week.

We will be expanding our current stage area by 4’ 6” forward following the same lines that we currently have in the room, but with easier access to the stage from the choir room area, which will help our older adults who still participate in the worship ministry.

This new proposed stage design will “trigger” some other items in our worship center that need to be upgraded.

New Stage Design - New Stage Components

  • We are proposing movable risers for the Drum Set, Worship Choir, and certain other instruments.
  • This will give us flexibility in our “look” for special programs and allow for better mic’ing of instruments and voices.

New Stage Design - New Speaker Boxes, Amps & Audio Floor Pockets

  • If we do this stage design it will facilitate us moving and replacing our Speaker Boxes for our audio system.
  • Leaving our current configuration would cause major “feedback” issues and an unpleasant listening environment.
  • The new Speaker Boxes would allow for better coverage and distribution of the sound. Giving more of an even sound throughout the worship center.

New Stage Design - New Lighting

Trusses & Fixtures

  • This is currently one of our weakest areas and is in much need of an upgrade.
  • Our current light positions are basically non-serviceable due to how they are hung in the ceiling and the need for a genie lift to access the light bars. Pews would have to be taken out and reinstalled to fix this current issue.
  • Our recommendation would be to replace the light bars with lighting trusses with electric motors that would bring the trusses down to a level where they can be serviced safely and reconfigured for special programs.
  • Our current lighting positions are not at the correct angles for optimum lighting preference that facilitate the preaching and worship service.
  • The light fixtures are very outdated and require lots of power. I’m proposing LED lighting which would save us money on power and allow more creativity in lighting looks for our “IN THE ROOM” experience and ONLINE worship experience.

New Stage Design - New Carpet

  • Our current carpet is “buckling” in several places down the aisles and is a trip hazard, especially for our older adults.
  • Taking out pews would also leave marks that cannot be taken out of the old carpet.
  • Perhaps the new carpet could be replaced with something that would allow us to replace stained areas where it would not require us to have to replace huge sections of carpet when mishaps occur.

New Stage Design - New Electrical Access Points

  • Our current stage configuration has massive amounts of wires running everywhere due to the lack of outlets and internet access points on stage.
  • We are proposing a new electrical scheme that will clean up the stage by having shorter runs for A/C power and internet/ethernet access points.

New Stage Design - New Seating

  • With the new stage design and expansion, we will have to remove the first two rows of pews across the front.
  • If we are expanding the stage and removing pews perhaps it is a good time to discuss going to padded chair seating in the congregational area.
  • Benefits would be that you could change the configuration for Weddings and Funerals to have a center aisle.
  • Serviceability for cleaning and replacement; if a chair gets stained or damaged you are not having to replace an entire pew.
  • More accurate counting of worship attenders.

New Stage Design - New Update Color Scheme

  • The GREEN dominant color could be updated to something that would allow us more flexibility in color coordination.
  • Proposing something more visually adaptive that can complement other decorative items that we might want to add later.

Update on Process

  • We are currently meeting with vendors to give us cost estimates on all the above statuses.
  • Our hope is that our people can build the stage area to save some monies.