Sandia Baptist Church

24 Hours of Prayer Guide

24-Hour Prayer Guide


Thanks for praying! If you spend 30 seconds praying on each of these items, you will easily reach the 30-minute mark!  You are changing the world!


  1. Start your time praising God. Tell Him you believe He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Holy One, Creator God, Provider, Healer, Unstoppable, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Ever-Present, Righteous, Loving, Eternal, Just, Shepherd, and more.
  2. Thank God for all He has done in your life (salvation, family, your church, this city, providing for you, etc.).
  3. Because of the forgiveness from the Cross, confess your sin (pride, anger, envy, lust, greed, laziness, gluttony, etc.).
  4. Ask God to fill you/us with the Holy Spirit.
  5. Pray for the lost to be saved. Pray that people’s hearts will be opened to repent of their sins and receive the Gospel.
  6. Pray for unity among churches. Pray that walls will come down so that churches will love each other, pray together, and serve each other.
  7. Pray for God to heal our land of abortion. Albuquerque is the late-term abortion capital of America. When innocent blood is shed in a place, it brings a curse on that place. Pray that the state will pass a ban on abortions after 20 weeks and that Albuquerque’s late-term abortion clinic will be closed. Pray that God will forgive us for this sin.
  8. Pray for deliverance from the spirit of violence. Pray that God will forgive us and flood our state with His Spirit of gentleness and kindness. Pray that God will protect the innocent.
  9. Pray for freedom from substance abuse. Pray that God will forgive us of these sins and defeat those who seek to push these abuses on our state.
  10. Pray for the transformation of our economy. Pray that God will put a desire to work in the hearts of New Mexicans and provide the jobs necessary. Pray that God would bless our state financially as we turn to Him.
  11. Pray that God would send spiritual awakening to our schools. Pray against the harmful philosophies of man being taught in our schools. Pray for the Gospel to flood through all our schools. Pray against crime in our schools.
  12. Pray for God to break the principalities of darkness. Pray that occults and those who worship false gods will be disillusioned and turn to Christ.
  13. Pray against prejudice and racism from every race to every other race. Pray for healing in our land between races.
  14. Pray for our city, state, and national leaders. Ask God to bless them and give them wisdom as they lead. Ask God to open their hearts so that they will turn to Christ for salvation.
  15. Pray for the future spouses of your children and grandchildren.
  16. Pray for the grown children and grandchildren of our church members who are not walking with God. Pray there would be a revival among these.                                
  17. Pray the Holy Spirit will convict all of us at Sandia Baptist Church of the need for personal revival & that we will experience revival, holiness, and confession of sin in every age group of our church. Pray our personal lives and homes will be cleansed of anything that would lead us/our children away from God.
  18. Pray we will repent of unforgiveness/bitterness, lack of obedience to God, backsliding in our walk with Him, compromise with the world’s ways.
  19. Pray for the pastors and church staff as they serve the church.
  20. Pray the pastors will have clear direction from God as they lead our church on mission. Thank God for all the leaders who serve alongside our pastors.
  21. Pray that your extended family will come to Christ.
  22. Pray that your neighbors, co-workers, classmates will come to Christ (go to org & link to Sandia Baptist Church).
  23. Plead with God to convince the lost to come to church, believe in Christ, and that someone will be saved at every service of our church.
  24. Ask God that all believers will be baptized.
  25. Pray that you/we will be faithful to tell others about Jesus, distribute Gospel tracts, and more.
  26. Pray for our guest ministry as we follow up with church guests.
  27. Pray that our church will make disciples who multiply.
  28. Pray that God would do a work so great in Albuquerque that only He could get the credit. Pray that God would defeat immorality, crime, abortion, etc.
  29. Pray for our mission partnerships and trips to Japan, Cambodia, and others to come. Pray that God will call out droves of “Sandians” to take the Gospel around the world.
  30. Pray for our ministry to Albuquerque, that we will know how to best serve the city, bringing real change and true salvations.
  31. Pray for broken relationships to be miraculously restored – marriages, parents and children, siblings, etc.
  32. Pray that our members will make a commitment to weekly attendance in Bible study and worship, health permitting.
  33. Thank the Lord for the financial generosity of our church. Ask Him to provide abundantly for the ministries to which He has called us and that every Sandian will give at least the Biblical tithe (10%), and above that if the Lord leads.
  34. Pray our church stays true to the Bible in our teaching & living.
  35. Pray for the pastor as he prepares messages from the Word for the church.
  36. Ask God to make our church passionately devoted to personal and congregational Bible study, and that our weekly times of Bible study would accomplish change in our lives.
  37. Pray for spiritual and physical protection for the children of our church. Pray that all of our children and youth will come to know Jesus and follow Him all their days.
  38. Pray for the families of our church: for marriages to be strong and for parents and children/youth to have great relationships.
  39. Ask God’s blessings on single adults/single parents and the many challenges they face each day.
  40. Thank God for lay leaders & volunteers who serve in our church. Pray that every believer in our church will serve the Lord inside & outside the church.
  41. Pray our church will grow as the Lord leads new people to us.
  42. Pray for a continued spirit of unity in our fellowship.
  43. Pray that God will lead us very clearly as we seek ways to create more space for people to park and worship with us.
  44. Pray our church will be protected from physical attack and will be a safe place to serve and worship.
  45. Ask God to continually bless our worship ministry leaders and audiovisual team as they lead us to worship God.
  46. Pray we will experience real revival in answer to prayer!
  47. Pray that real growth will come from our discipleship ministries.
  48. Pray for our church staff families & the unique challenges they face.
  49. Pray that God will call many from our church into vocational ministry: as missionaries, pastors, and much more.
  50. Pray for miracles of healing for the sick and hurting in our church.
  51. Pray our social media, worship live stream, website, & similar ministries will be used to spread the gospel around the world.
  52. Pray for all Sandians to be making steps in our Discipleship Pathway (crowd, community, circle, couch, and crew)
  53. Pray for Sandia Baptist’s own missionaries (Bob & Vicki, Carol, Brian & Micah)
  54. Pray for our deacons to be blessed as they serve the church and serve the pastors.
  55. Pray over greater Albuquerque and call out the areas by name to God.


24 Hour Prayer Guide